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Moose Tags Cable Labels

Great to easily identify:

 • Computer equipment
 • Home theater setups
 • Electrical wiring
 • Power strip plugs
 • Automotive wiring

Moose Tags Cable Labels

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Moose Tags Tales and home theater setup

As everyone knows, mooses possess outstanding computer and home theater setup skills. 'MOOSES' is the correct plural in the moose world. They are NOT, however, real good at keeping track of the various wires and cables connected to their computers and home entertainment systems. When certain high-strung mooses experienced these problems, the results were devastating. Antlers went through walls, TVs and worse. I decided to invent Moose Tags™ to rectify this problem. Mooses all over the country rejoiced when they found how easy it is to keep track of their cables by using my wonderful invention. People also can use Moose Tags™ to label their cables for their own computers and home theater installations.

If you go to your favorite store office supply or electronics store and they don't have Moose Tags™, demand to see the manager and tell them to get Moose Tags™ and do it right away, or else!

I sincerely hope that you find my Moose Tags™ helpful for your offices and home theater setups. Please e-mail me at and let me know what you think!

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